Welcome to our 13th Web sight!
But now opend This page only.
due to hosting sight,http://x20hosting.com/can not releaseTerms Of Service.
because we do not know we can Japanese language page,upload board,Oekaki board,and other contents(adalts,political,and so on).
if there contents were NG,this space will be not change.
confarm this, same Terms merahost,Terms merahost.

We can make New web page.(this site is last on page),but they stop powerd Web site, we moved this site.

Our sight
We have other sites. check these site(Japanise language only).
higrik's sight(Japanese language)
kilras's sight(Japanese language)
damegakusei(Japanese language)
aika's web(Japanese language)
collector board(Japanese language)

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but they can not continue this service, and can not use FTP and Free Sub-domains,
you have to use service, you get domain.
We Get This domain"zaq.cu.cc",CU.CC.
but x20hosting(merahost) cast service( x20hosting,now Powered By iFastNet. ),We mast get new Web site. freewebhostingarea.com .

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